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Pamela's porsche.jpg

Pamela B. 1962 356B S90 Coupe

Pamela will be attending DTA2 this year as representative of the Porsche 356 Registry, again driving her 356B S90 from the Midwest.  She enjoys learning from fellow 356 owners and specialists, researching the many issues that arise and being hands-on with what she can take on herself.  Pamela had original engine, generator, regulator and distributor all rebuilt over this past winter.   


The Porsche bug bit Pamela hard as a young teenager. It all began with her mother’s 1961 356B coupe, the family car she learned to drive in.  Pamela's many great memories turned into an all-out search for her mother's coupe.  With the help of many passionate 356er’s, she was recently reunited with her mother's coupe and will be bringing it back to the family.  Stay tuned…

Always an adventure in a 356!   

Photo credit:  The amazing Andrew Florin

John Orrico's Porsche_1.jpg

John Orrico, 1986 930 Slant Nose

Vice President of Metro New York Porsche Club of America


“This is a very special car. I have bought and sold quite a few Porsches over the years however this one will always remain in my family.  This car belonged to my father who was an amazing man and after he passed away, he passed it onto me.  Purchasing a Slant Nose car in the US was not an option at this time, thus he had to do so through something called the special wishes program.  In order to purchase the car, he had to have a broker fly to Germany to both spec the car out and place the actual order.  After it was completed it was then shipped back to the US for delivery.  During 1986, this was only 1 of 12 cars that were hand-built.  Not only is it a great example of Porsche engineering at its best, but it holds tremendous sentimental value as well.  Driven To America allows Porsche lovers like myself to bring our stories to life, celebrate the legacy of Max Hoffman and relish in the exquisite details of the air-cooled Porsche. This is the event that East Coast Porsche lovers have been missing, and now it is here in a very big way! I am proud to be a part of it!”

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