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Porsche Passion Continues to Grow at DTA-4


Driven to America celebrates the history of the Porsche and its genesis in coming to America. 


On September 24, 2022, Porsche owners, racers, collectors, and fans will gather for another historic event at one of the most magnificent properties on the East Coast, Mill Neck Manor on Long Island, NY.  Some of the marques most significant road and race cars will be on display along with the people who drive the passion.


The Porsche car culture is alive, thriving and will be fully on display at the fourth annual DTA event.


Driven to America signifies the moment in history when Porsche first began exporting cars to America. Maximilian Hoffman made a deal with Ferdinand (Ferry) Porsche to import the air-cooled sports cars to America in 1951.  The manufacturing of the air-cooled Porsche ended with the model 993 in 1998. DTA now celebrates the wonderful history of Porsche from its humble beginnings through today’s high-performance sports cars.

Event Features:

• World Class Gallery of Vehicles

• Live DJ

• Hoffman Motors Photo Opportunity

• Max Hoffman Tribute

• Coffee & Breakfast 

 Specialty Food Selections

• Decadent Desserts

Truly a day to be remembered

September 25, 2022
9:00am - 3:00pm


#driventoamerica, #dta4

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