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Layers of Love NY

There are two things you can count on regarding Winter. First is that it is on its way. The other is that thousands of children will go to school unprotected from the frigid cold, snow, and rain. I was having a casual conversation with a friend who works for a school district here on Long Island; he was telling me about the large group of kids that come to school each day, in the winter, without a coat. I was thinking it was just their preference, kind of like my daughter and her friends choosing to wear flip flops to school in the winter. To my surprise, it was not. The sad truth is that thousands of children throughout our communities do not have coats because the families cannot afford to buy them one. This is not okay. This is something we can all be part of regardless of age or background. So, please help Layers of Love NY provide coats to these children.  


Thank you,

David Jacobson,

President of Collector Car Showcase


From now until October 14, 2018, Layers of Love NY will be collecting new or gently used coats. There will be a list of select drop off locations added here as they become available.


If you are displaying a car or coming to visit the show, please bring a coat to donate. It is not required but would be greatly appreciated.


All coats will be delivered to the “Driven to America” event on October 14, 2018. All individual and group coat drives will be collected upon entering the event. There will be a clearly marked area with a collection truck.


To be listed as a drop off location, please contact Fran 516-802-5297, ext. 311 or email

Our Promise

No coats will be sold.  Every coat will be donated to a child and family in need. 

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